Co-creation of Service Innovation in Europe (CoSIE)

CoSIEThe CoSIE project states that public service innovations can be achieved by creating collaborative partnerships between different stakeholders. During the implementation of CoSIE, the collaborative partners will test and develop the diverse methods of co-creation in the field of public services.

With innovative practices as Community Reporting, the Living Labs concept and the method of Social Hackathon the project aims to improve the inclusion of all citizens and to promote their possibilities to act as active members of the society. The co-creation process in this particular project consists of nine individual (but interlinked) pilots. Each pilot has different target groups, service needs and local settings.

Vunki mano! – The Estonian Pilot of CoSIE project

Social hackathon is an intense weekend where everyone is welcome to participate in developing innovative services and working on solutions that promote life in Võru county. Our ultimate goal is to empower the creative mindset: by engaging in problem solving, all potential parties can be sure that the solution is well thought through. We bring together creative experiences for citizens, the realism of entrepreneurs, the competence of experts and the responsibility of officials. With every idea, we pay special attention to the interests of people whose voices are not heard in everyday life, such as people with special needs, minorities, and so on.

You and me – together we create tomorrow in Võrumaa!


Vunki mano! – Social Hackathon events are organized by Võrumaa Omavalitsuste Liit, Tallinn University and Helpific MTÜ in Võru county of Estonia.